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Luther Vandross Experience.
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Luther Vandross

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LaShuan Johnson

LaShuan A. Johnson also known as “JAS”was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois.

Being submersed in the  rich culture of Chicago music,

LaShuan was inspired by his Mother, Elaine and her four sisters who also sang.

LaShuan attended Lindblom Technical High School in Chicago where, while being mentored by his music teacher John Gans, he received numerous awards for musical performances.

John Gans introduced LaShuan to all forms of music, from classical Arias to Foreign Ballads. Afterwards, he attended Benedictine University where he was taught by vocal coach, Professor Emerita, Rosalie Loeding, and renowned Jazz artist Janice Borla.

LaShuan has performed with many groups, (The Unit, The Next Phase Band, US,)

but his membership with Van Fields and the Stylistics Revue, with Van Fields who performed with the legendary Stylistics for 11 years, is his claim to fame.

LaShuan has gone on to perform in many events, and as recently, honed his performance of the late Luther Vandross entitled “The Luther Vandross Experience featuring JAS.”

His performances of Luther Vandross’s hits have been said to be the best ever.

His performance with Jourdan Carroll III, the world renowned Barry White impersonator and Las Vegas star, received critical acclaim throughout the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area.

LaShuan is an extremely talented vocalist and is not limited to any vocal performance.

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