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Electrifying, daring, and hypnotizing are just a few words used to describe Los Angeles Neo Alternative Rock artist Élishia Sharie.

Drawing upon iconic influences, like AC/DC and Nirvana, Élishia Sharie effortlessly synthesizes elements of 80’s classic rock, 90’s alternative rock, and punk rock to create an aggressive, cross-generational sound that she contrasts with an unapologetically soulful vocal reminiscent of Tina Turner and Betty Davis.

Her distinct, gritty tone tells a powerful story of pain, desperation, and eventual triumph. After a 12-year battle to recover her voice, previously devastated by vocal trauma, she emerged from the ashes with her first global release, “FIGHT!”. This fiery punk anthem informs her mission to empower her growing fan base to FIGHT! for their dreams, despite obstacles or opposition.

Élishia Sharie is currently continuing her time travel through the rock ages to deliver a nostalgic yet uniquely mutated collection of music tentatively titled “The Phoenix Rises.” Her album is scheduled for a Fall 2023 release before her next tour.

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