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It all began ,

in the in a little country town called  , Pembroke GA, sons of a Pentecostal preacher, who was a accomplished ,vocal instructor and musician. Having 6 sons sparked his attention of creating tight harmonies and showmanship, Spending most of their summers singing and rehearsing on choreography is when the journey began ..Barber shop quartet was the style of gospel that their father enjoyed the most to keep him pleased 1104 made sure to always impress their father with new styles of harmonies that they'd come up with,
One  free day in middle school ..their music teacher Dennis Lee ,let all the students choose different instruments to play .and Mr .Amazing a saxophone player at the time , was always intrigued by the piano especially having to play the organ in church and their rehearsals at home,..Mr Lee began to play & sing  ( Sweet November ) the Deele ... he was instantly floored ..he had never heard such silky smooth chords and great lyrics, he then asked his instructor to teach him ..
Mr lee gladly accepted.
And then Mr. Amazing secretly began sharing all the latest R& B songs with his brothers.
R&B music was never allowed in the house or to be sung while their father was around..
They won their first talent show performing ( Can you stand the rain ) later that year and from that point they were hooked
..over the years they kept working on their Kraft preforming for churches and live performances in different arenas ..
As a vow to their late father
1104 has committed to continue... producing great music and performances..Jon Jon , Lj, F.E.D.and Mr.Amazing.. 


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